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Our Process

"The Wealth Advancement Investment Process provides the structure and framework for our trusted relationship."


Wealth Advancement Investment Process

Wealth Advancement's Investment Process provides the framework and structure for your trusted Financial Advisor relationship. It allows us to make suitable investment advice, supports financial planning, and allows us to make adjustments as necessary.


Discovery: In this meeting, we get to know each other. We identify your goals, objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Every discovery meeting, we go over the Customer Relationship Summary that explains the services and types of accounts we offer you. Even though we ask a lot of questions, we encourage and hope you ask some as well.

Analysis: This is where we take a close look at any existing accounts you have and conduct holdings analysis on each. This enables us to see a complete overview of your financial situation so we can make suitable recommendations that are in your best interest.

Development: Develop a plan of action that is specific to your situation. This is where recommendations are made and options are discussed. We can also make modifications and changes based on your feedback.

Implementation: Now that your plan is developed, discussed, adjusted, and agreed upon, we can implement the strategy. Also, we set expectations and time frames on each component.

Monitoring: The work is not over once your accounts are established. We monitor and review your financial plan and investment accounts regularly to help ensure you are still on track and make adjustments if necessary. We enjoy seeing you and recommend conducting review meetings with you, at minimum, annually.

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